The Socrates GM login screen was developed by General Motors. If you work for General Motors, you can access your account on the Socrates GM website. However, if you do not already have an account, you will need to create one using your employer’s information.


General Motors employees were encouraged to create MyGM Socrates accounts for full access to the company’s website. An employee can also easily manage the account through organization control if they have already created an account. If the employee already has an account, the application process becomes easy and he can gain organizational control of account management. GM Socrates App portal makes it easy for employees as they can get all payroll and other related details.

The Socrates GM employee portal allows employees to access pay slips and other information. General Motors is based in the United States and also manufactures automotive parts.

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Registration Process For First Time Users?

Following are the steps you must take to create an account on Socrates GM ;-

  • First, visit the link below to open the account activation page.
  • You must complete the 05 different steps of account activation.
  • Register now. Submit your GMPin that you received from your manager.
  • Also enter your first and last name and click the “Next” button.
  • Then activate your account by submitting the details above.
  • Then, set your 2-Step Verification preferences with your credentials.
  • Now create your password/passphrase at your own discretion.
  • You will then receive confirmation that your account has been created.

Login Process For Registered Users

If you want to login to the gm my socrates team, here we have a list of official gm my socrates team login links with step by step login instructions. Also find out what is employee portal, employee login, what is important and why is it used. So many details are given below.


If this is your first time accessing the My GM Socrates page, you will be asked to follow the instructions below.

  • Open GM Socrates login page mygm.gm.com/GMlogin/pages/loginchooser.jsp
  • Enter the GMID number
  • Enter the created password
  • Tap on the login option

What do I need to register?

To log into the account, you need to have a few things. Read on to learn more.

Internet: You must verify your Internet connection once to access your account.

Electronic Device: You can log in using any device such as smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet.

Personal Device: Using a personal device allows you to save passwords and protect your business information.

Authorization: Only GM Motors employees are authorized to register.

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